The Origin of the Groove

Dave Bouwman is the super smiley funky drummer who has been playing in dance bands since high school. He's played with quite a number of local musicians since moving to Kamloops in the '90s, most notably Soul Patch, Scattered Atoms and Earthbound. Dave joined Paisley Groove in the fall of 2016 and has been keeping the groove ever since.

Doug Goodman (keyboards & vocals) has played in bands, including the Blues Jumpers, for decades.  Doug and Paisley Groove's original drummer, Lyle Shepard, have been friends since high school and were the inspiration behind this musical project.  The band played together for the first time as a group at Doug's birthday party in 2013 and the magic and chemistry was immediately evident.

Pat Ebert, percussionist extraordinaire, joins Dave to lay down the infectious grooves.  He has played with almost every musician of note in the Kamloops area for the last couple of decades and was a long time member of the popular band Soul Patch.  Pat also plays acoustic guitar.

Myron Rosvick (bass) is a dedicated and knowledgeable student of music and a former member the the swing jazz band Mo Jazz. He is the 'music' in the rhythm section for Paisley Groove.

David Langevin (guitar & vocals), founder and leader of the popular band the Blues Jumpers for 15 years, finds a perfect place to play the guitar and vocal melodies that inspired him as a youngster in the 70's.